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Posted By Admin on 12/02/19

I bet with the dick tuck she now really looks like a girl from the front.

I happened to be catching up with a friend I had not seen in quite a few months this weekend past and he had recently visit Thailand again on holiday. He’s a mid forties bachelor with too much money for his own good so someone old enough to do whatever he likes and having enough money to accomplish that and not give a fuck what others think about it is quite the potent combination.

With him having a pretty solid naughty streak as well means loads of debauchery and he was telling me just how feminine some of the lady boys there look and that even the days of common deception is long gone there it is still entertaining to experience once. To see it for yourself that is.

Now that would really be a surprise to me, to find that a gorgeous girl is swinging a dick behind her.

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