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Posted By Trendy on 04/21/19

Honestly, I only got into tranny porn recently. I just started typing in keywords in search engines but that didn’t help as much as I’d hoped. Why? Because there are so many sites to explore and I have no idea which ones are legit and which ones are shit. If only there was an easier way to find the quality sites and ignore the rest.

Oh wait, there is! is filled with lists and reviews, including this list of tranny pornsites. I don’t have to visit each one. I can just read the reviews, summaries, and pro/cons. This is how I found the best ones that get me off the hardest. It’s how I found out about Trans Angels and Trans500. I can’t even fall asleep without jerking off to those fucking shemale goddesses.

Whether you’re into shemales or any other porn niche, click that link and find out how much easier finding quality porn can be when you use an excellent review site like You’ll thank me later.

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Posted By Admin on 04/02/19

If she was wearing pants you probably would not have expected this pirate to be packing a rapier, at least I would not have.

Some of these shemales are so feminine that I would never have guessed them to be trannies if I saw them in every day life, at the supermarket maybe or a business meeting even. This is something that always greatly amazes me. There are a few, for sure, that you can spot from a mile away even on this site, but they all seem to be popular with the crowd who fancy these creations.

I am always perplexed though at what exactly the point is of a shemale and by that I mean, I just always thought you’re busy having a sex change which I get, I really believe I do. If you were born trapped in the body of the opposite sex then I get your reasons for the change, but what are you doing with the deliberate tits and dick setup?

You can use this 46% off discount to Brazilian Transsexuals and enjoy the site in whatever way works for you.

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