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Posted By Karlie on 11/16/18

I am not a gay man, but I’ve always had a thing for Trannys. I can’t imagine I would ever actually have sex with a Tranny but watching them do is porn is the quickest way to get my cock hard. Most straight guys like watching straight porn or girl on girl and I get that. It makes sense for a guy that likes pussy. I’m one of those guys, but not when it comes to my porn. When I found out I could sve 48% right now with our Grooby VR discount I couldn’t sign up fast enough. This site is like my wildest imagination come to life. A true playground of porn.

I’ve always imagined that sliding my cock balls deep in a Trannys ass and reaching around to stroke his hard cock would be the best feeling in the world. When I fuck a girl in the ass it’s what I imagine doing and I cum right away. The VR videos put me so close to the action it’s as close as I’ll ever come to living out my wildest dream.


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Posted By Admin on 11/05/18

Exploring porn is pretty much what I do best. I scour the internet to find the best sites and deals so that I can share them with you here. Sometimes I come across some really amazing collections on my quest. That is the case today. This wasn’t the first time I have been to and there is no way that it will be the last. This massive network of porn has all of the right porn and features to keep drawing me back in. prides itself on shooting quality content. They seek out the hottest pornstars and most promising new talent across a vast array of niches. Then they cast them in scenes that will drive you wild.

The sheer number of sites included with this pass is staggering. There are several tranny sites in the mix, such as Asian Tranny Police, Cum Filled Trannys, Glazed Trannys, Raw Tranny Fisting, Real Trann Teens, Shemales for Cash, and others.

This Wankz discount for $5 off instantly will get you into all of it with 24/7 access on all of your devices.

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Posted By Admin on 10/18/18

I wasn’t surprised in the slightest that Nina Lawless made this hot list of shemale pornstars. She is a goddess in her own right and one that seems to have a real passion for cock. While I’m certain that I’ve seen all the content that she has ever done, I am always on the search for more and knowing she is being recognized like this is awesome.

I think I’d really struggle if I was asked to put a list together of the hottest shemale girls. Mainly because it would be much higher than ten and even then I doubt I’d be able to put all the girls that deserved a spot on the list.

It would still be a really cool thing to do and maybe one day I’ll get around to doing it. Right now I’m just happy to sit back and admire all the girls and their very fine looking cocks. If you have the time take a look for yourself and see if there would be any changes that you’d make.

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Posted By Gush on 10/17/18

If you like watching hot trannies as they show off their curvaceous bodies and jerk off for the camera, you need to take a look at Solo Trannies. This place is packed with big-cock bombshells who deliver amazing performances. You’ll watch them shoving cock-shaped dildos in their assholes and stroking their mouth-watering dicks until they shoot their delicious jizz all over themselves. It’s beyond arousing!

You can get $25 off per month with this Solo Trannies discount, and the best part is that it is a lifetime deal. Not only that, but your membership will also give you access to The Hardcore Network at no extra cost, where you’ll find other sites featuring trannies (like Tag Team Tranny) as well other fetishes. In other words, you’re getting a whole network a lot cheaper than it normally costs. That’s a pretty good deal.

On Tag Team Trannies, the other tranny site in the network, you’ll watch scenes featuring two trannies banging a guy, two guys banging a tranny, or an entire group of trannies gang-banging a single dude. It’s quite intense! Get your membership now and check it out right away!

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Posted By Admin on 10/04/18

Very few porn sites offer the same quality of nude selfies that Fapchat does. This porn site has millions of videos and nude selfie photos that have been submitted and leaked by anonymous individuals. If you’re not really that into professionally made porn videos and scripted photoshoots, then you will certainly love these nude selfies from amateur women! Browse through a massive collection of real amateur girls getting hot and naked for their very own cameras. From Snapchat nudes to live naked videos from their personal laptops, enjoy the best of the best here.

Sexy nudes for made just you

We believe that taking nude selfies is an unique form of erotic art. It can turn on any man and is certainly capable of activating their inner wild sex beasts. FapChat’s library of nudes have a surprising variety. From angled naked shots taken from the woman’s bedroom to hot selfies of teachers and students taken from a school bathroom, every photo is unique. These photos deserve your attention and are also meant to give you a raging hardon that will last for a long time. If you want to experience what we’re talking about, go ahead and visit FapChat’s nude selfies section and you’ll understand what we are talking about!

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Posted By Trendy on 10/01/18

Do you like chicks with dicks? Maybe it’s all you’re into, and maybe you’re just curious and want to dip your toe in the water, or maybe somewhere in the middle. Whatever the case, there are a ton of sexy transgender girls online waiting for you RIGHT NOW! Where? On, of course.

Cam Sex is one of the hottest ways to play when it comes to adult entertainment. Most of the cam models are just like you and me, normal Joes and Janes who like to spend sexy time online. They just happen to get paid for their sexy services. To me it’s better than traditional porn because I get to interact with the models in real time. In a way, I’m having sex with them (indirectly at least). It’s like a big virtual orgy, and we’re all invited.

Why not live chat with transgender girls tonight? No matter what you’re into, Cambb has it, so go get your freak on with some sluts of your choice right now. You know you want to.

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Posted By Gush on 09/03/18

Asia definitely has some of the hottest shemales in the world. On many occasions we come across gorgeous examples of ladyboys with beautiful, very feminine facial features, lovely figures, and mouth-watering cock-shaped pussies (they’re actually just cocks, but I just like to say that). Japan has many wonderful T-girls, and you’ll get to see many of them on, which is a spectacular site with Full HD videos packed with passionate action.

There are thousands of photos and hundreds of videos inside, and each week you’re treated to 3 brand new updates. You can save 45% now with our Shemale Japan discount and enjoy unlimited downloads for a cheap price. You’ll see these lovely chicks with dicks dressed up in sexy lingerie, hot outfits, uniforms (schoolgirl, maid, Nurse, etc.), and costumes, and you’ll follow them across many arousing adventures. 

Some scenes feature solo/masturbation acts, on others you’ll see them enjoying one-on-one sex, and there are scenes on which they are seen having sex with two males. If you are into Asians and shemales, then this website is a perfect marriage of those two niches. Step inside and let the show begin!


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Posted By Admin on 07/12/18

When I hear TGirls I thought it was a reference to those really old school sexist positions some companies had where they would actually employ someone to do office cleaning and make the staff tea on request and while almost all her time was spent on the cleaning I guess it was easier on the conscience to call her a tea girl.

This is a whole different kettle of fish except that this sexist bit still applies but in a very different way. These girls, which is the gender they prefer being referenced to as far as I understand, in fact hold all they cards… they have all the sexes, ’cause you know, why not.

It’s fascinating stuff really although I look at this stuff in the same way I might watch a documentary on the Discovery channel but I understand that there is a large following of people who get off on this genre and for you guys, gals and any other sex you might prefer being referenced, here’s a sizzling discount to

But wait, here’s even more discounts on shemale porn.

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Posted By Admin on 05/10/18

When I was 12 years old I had this obsession with wanting a wrist watch with four buttons. Who knows what the fascination was with more buttons but I had to have that one.

When Christmas rolled around many months later that year I had already given up on getting a watch like that but when I opened my present from my mom, there it was!

Now that was a nice surprise.

When a good friend of mine went to Bangkok for a few days holiday quite some years ago he got pissed at a pub one night and got stuck into a local girl there. After many tequilas she joined him in his hotel room and things got hot and heavy. At some point while fucking her he discovered that she had a dick.

Now that, depending on your orientation I guess, is perhaps not such a nice surprise.

Check out this 67% off discount to on the 30-day pass will remain effective for as long as you renew your membership every month.

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Posted By Admin on 03/18/18

What do you get when you mix reality porn with smoking hot trannies? the answer is not only sexy action but sex that can only be found with a Tranny Surprise pass. The girls inside this totally hot site are always going to be there when you need them the most. They’ve got a real female side to them and they’d really like to show you more.

They have more than 600 great looking movies that are ready for you to watch right away. You’ll see some seriously hot looking scenes and no doubt your cock is going to get rewarded with loads of wild cumshots. Most of the older videos are still good to check out, but personally I know you’re going to prefer to get right to the good stuff.

Chicks with dicks are there for your pleasure, you know that they just love hearing just how sweet and sassy that they look. Whisper it in their ears, tell it to them directly, it really doesn’t matter, you’ll still get what you and your cock wants in return. Use this Tranny Surprise discount for up to 83% off now and get Reality Kings for free!

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